Stress the Silent Killer

Stress can be considered a silent killer. Stress affects every level of our lives and impacts us on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Stress causes the release of hormones and toxins into our bodies that causes our bodies to maintain a fight or flight condition that breaks down the immune system and wreaks havoc in our lives. Stress management strategies are essential. The social pressures and negative media that bombard our lives on a daily basis add to the already overwhelming responsibilities and demands of daily life and survival. Trying to maintain harmony and balance in these hostile conditions takes determination and practice. Natural health is the way to achieve balance.

Today it seems like there is a pill for everything. There are also pills prescribed for stress management. The problem with these prescriptions is that they will eventually become addictive. Side effects of the pills can be worse than the original condition. People can go about their lives in a zombie like stupor and lose the joy and excitement of living. Although in extreme cases this may be necessary, natural holistic ways to combat stress and improve health have been proven effective. Holistic health care is available.

Meditation is one of the stress management strategies used to cultivate a quiet mindful way of being. Meditation has been proven to slow the breath, quiet the mind and produce more harmonious brain activity. It only takes about 15 minutes a day to achieve positive results. Focusing on the breath is one way to meditate. Simply giving attention to the in and out breath can help to calm the body and the emotions increasing natural health. Focusing on a word or mantra is another way to refocus the mind and cause it to become calm and peaceful. These exercises can be done at any time and in any setting that may prove stressful and only take a few moments.

Natural stress management strategies can also be obtained through a variety of herbs that are available to help relieve stress. Valerian is another herb that has also been used to reduce stress and as an aid in sleep. Today, holistic health clinics are available to help with stress management. Perhaps one of the best and most natural ways to reduce stress is to simplify your life. Reclaim a joyful life through natural holistic stress reduction techniques.

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