Relaxation Room

In 2008, psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman designed a multi-media room based on the most reliable research into relaxation. Visitors were allowed to enter the room, lie down on soft matting and rest their heads on lavender-scented pillows.


They were bathed in a subdued green light which enhances the production of dopamine in the brain and provides a calming sensation. “In addition,” Professor Wiseman said, ”the artificial blue sky helps create a mild form of sensory deprivation that will help them turn their attention inward and distract them away from daily stress.”


Peaceful music was also pumped into the “World’s Most Relaxing Room”, specially composed by University of Hertfordshire Professor of Music, Tim Blinko. ”Richard asked me to create a piece of music with a slow and distinct rhythm, low frequency notes, and no sudden changes in tempo,” noted Professor Blinko. “I have completely re-written a piece especially for this project. It features a solo soprano voice, chosen for the soothing properties of the human voice, together with a Tibetan singing bowl, used in meditation and a string ensemble.”


Professor Wiseman added: “Previous work has shown that these colours, sounds and smells all help people relax, but this is the first time that they have been combined in this way, and it will be fascinating to look at the effect on visitors’ relaxation levels.”


Which is why we use the greens and blues on our relaxation shot. Try our relaxation shot and feel total relaxation.