Chillax™ and Multiple Sclerosis

Chillax™ is a 2oz. Relaxation Drink made from 100% Natural herbs. It was created to help people gain mental clarity, anxiety relief & focus when it is needed most in their day. Chillax™ is known for being a multi-purpose drink that not only appeals to people suffering from anxiety but also has proven to relieve symptoms associated with different medical conditions. We are a company who believes in bettering people’s quality of life through natural medicinal outlets as opposed to a pharmaceutical approach for relief of symptoms associated with medical ailments.

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that hits very close to home for the Chillax Drink team. We have family members of our team who are suffering from this condition and we are directly aware of the way that this disease affects the person suffering and also their spouses and children dealing with this on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are a multitude of symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis. People who suffer with this disease experience difficulty walking, vision problems, numbing & tingling in their arms and legs, bowel problems, significant pain, spasticity, & many more. Aside from physical symptoms, these people and their families are challenged every day with the emotions and stress of this disease and its unpredictability in their lives, which can ultimately lead to a low quality of life for these people.

With this very disease in mind, Chillax Drink LLC manufactured Chillax™ with specific natural herbs that give relief to many symptoms associated with MS and other conditions that people are dealing with on a daily basis.

White Willow Bark, for example, is an ingredient in Chillax™ that has proven to relieve headaches, reduce and soothe pain and swelling. It is used for indigestion connected with the debility of digestive organs. Also, it has been known to be beneficial for people suffering from neuralgia, which is pain caused by irritation or damage to the nerves.

Valerian Root, also an ingredient in Chillax™, is extensively used against nervousness, insomnia, & restlessness. It highly reduces anxiety and nighttime waking which reduces sleep latency. Valerian is an excellent sedative that has none of the negative side effects of Valium and other synthetic sedatives on the market.

Another fantastic herb in Chillax™ is Chamomile, which can be safely used by children and adults alike. It is most often used to tame anxiety and depression, while also being a great sleep remedy. Anxiety and insomnia are health concerns that are often linked together with depression. Chamomile is a time-honored sedative herb known for its relaxation properties. Studies have shown that people who use chamomile as treatment for these disorders have had significant change in the severity of their general anxiety disorders.

Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum Annuum) is nothing short of amazing in regards to its health benefits. In the circulatory system, one of its core benefits is that it helps regulate blood flow and in turn, normalizes the body’s blood pressure. It is also great for the stomach as it stimulates the peristaltic motion of the intestinal tract. Cayenne is useful in relieving allergies, muscle cramps, and heartburn. It is also used to remove toxins from the blood. This is only a small list of advantages a person would have by putting cayenne pepper into their daily routine. This herb is used as a catalyst to enhance the performance of other herbs in the proprietary blend of ingredients in Chillax™.

Our team at Chillax Drink LLC understands the importance of a healthy, yet high quality of life, for the consumers in our local communities and around the world. Chillax™ is a highly effective and convenient alternative to prescription medication for relief of symptoms associated with different ailments in today’s society.

Chillax™ is currently in over 300 retail locations across the United States. Retailers consist of grocery stores, convenience stores, smoke shops, health food stores, and salons & spas. Please visit our website at for a list of locations in the Salt Lake Valley and across the United States. Chillax™ is retailed at $2.99 a bottle.