15 Fun ways to Eliminate Stress

1. Go to the Park

Go to the park, get on a swing and see how high you can go. Once you get really high, close your eyes, and feel yourself flying!


2. Favorite Coffee to Tea and share it.

Go grab your favorite coffee or tea and hand deliver it to a family member or friend. Not only will it make you feel better but it will put a smile on someone else’s face. It’ll change their whole day.


3. Look at the sky

Lay on a blanket or lawn chair outside and look up. Focus on how beautiful sky and amazing the sky is. If there are clouds try to find a bunny hopping from cloud to cloud or if that doesn’t relax you try to find a dragon that pops up to eat that bunny! :) Enjoy something that no one can take away from us, the beautiful sky.


4. Play

Play a game, like Hide-n-Seek or fetch with your kids or your pet. Have fun with it and really play. Remind yourself and them why they are so important to you.


5.Meditate and Breathe

Take a minute and catch your breath. Breathing and meditation can relax your Mind and put you back in a positive place so that you can carry on with your day.


6. Message

Message pressure point on your face and hands. Your temples and the fleshy skin between your thumb and pointer finger are great places to help eliminate stress. Take turns with someone else messaging your face, it feels great, I promise.


7.Bubble Bath

Take a real bubble bath, get candles maybe some light music, turn the lights down, pour your favorite glass of wine and relax from head to toe. Take a minute to let every muscle in your body relax.


8. Why wear cloths?

If you are alone, close all of the blinds and walk around naked. Pretend for a minute that nothing else matters. Let yourself be free.


9. Listen to your favorite song.

If you are home or in your car, put on your favorite song and sing along. Be as loud as you want and belt it out. Dance along if you can and feel the rhythm of music. Remember music is food for the soul.


10. Move Furniture

Has your bedroom or your living room looked the same for years? Rearrange your furniture, shift and clean the entire room it will make everything feel fresh and clean.


11.  Write it down & Burn it

Take a moment to write down all of things in your life that cause anxiety or stress. Burn that list and tell yourself that no matter what, you can over come those stresses.


12. Explore your artistic side.

Draw, paint, write or even make something out of paper mache. Find a craft you have been wanting to try and do it.


13. Game Night

Plan a Game night. Invite a small group of friends and family over for a fun night of games, laughter and stress free fun.


14. Comedy

Go to a comedy club. If there is one thing your life that we can all learn is laughter is the best medicine. Go out to a comedy club or go see a funny movie and just laugh.


15. Relax with Chillax

Always fun to find a drink that relaxes your Mind, Body and Soul. Take time to give back to your body and let yourself relax with chillax